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Tired of the superfluous investment news and black box strategies, we set out to find the best strategy for diversified index funds. After researching investment news letters and strategies, we found what we think is hands down the best strategy since it is simple to execute, avoids most bear market losses, and significantly beats a buy and hold investor over the full market cycle. Our goal is to help investors avoid expensive fees and commissions and unrecoverable investment mistakes. We enjoy sharing our research and if you read us you will learn why our motto is simply "Invest Smart".

  • The Smart Bird Reads

    The Smart Bird Read is the latest news of interest in the interesting financial times we are experiencing. I’ve corrected some titles to better reflect reality and I provide my humble opinion on the bottom-line of the content. You are… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: The Perils of Inflationism

    The Bubble has burst – the global Bubble, the Bubble in leveraged lending, and Bubbles across asset classes around the globe. In the case of leveraged loans, I don’t expect another bout of QE to resuscitate Bubble Dynamics. Excess within… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: THE Credit Bubble Peak

    For those unfamiliar with Doug Noland he uses his accounting background and study of  history’s bubbles to chronicle the current global credit bubble.  This week he exams the balance sheet of the United States to highlight where we are in… Read More ›