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Tired of the superfluous investment news and black box strategies, we set out to find the best strategy for diversified index funds. After researching investment news letters and strategies, we found what we think is hands down the best strategy since it is simple to execute, avoids most bear market losses, and significantly beats a buy and hold investor over the full market cycle. Our goal is to help investors avoid expensive fees and commissions and unrecoverable investment mistakes. We enjoy sharing our research and if you read us you will learn why our motto is simply "Invest Smart".

  • The Santa Claus Rally

    The Santa Rally

    Google “Santa Claus Rally” and you will find a confusing mix of articles written about this seasonal tendency.  Even the online investment dictionaries have varying definitions.  Many journalist combine and confuse other seasonal effects with the Santa Claus Rally to… Read More ›

  • If Sy Harding took Warren Buffet’s Bet

    The Bet In 2008, Warren Buffett issued a challenge to the hedge fund industry, which in his view charged exorbitant fees that the funds’ performances couldn’t justify. Mr. Buffett contended that, including expenses, a passive strategy invested the low-fee Vanguard… Read More ›

  • Tracking Sy Harding’s Seasonal Timing Strategy

      Tracking Sy Harding’s STS It’s April and we are closing in on the unfavorable season for equities whether you subscribe to Sell-in-May or an advanced seasonal strategy.  Sy Harding called his advanced strategy the Seasonal Timing Strategy (STS) and… Read More ›