Sy Harding’s 2017 Signal

We are closing in on the opening investment window for Sy Harding’s original Seasonal Timing Strategy.  It appears the MACD signal will open on a BUY signal next week and then the following day if you are following his strategy you would buy into the DIA ETF.

Let’s take a look at the chart of the DIA ETF that tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA) and is the only practical way to invest in the DJIA.


12 Oct DIA

Yes, the market is very over bought, but a BUY is a BUY right.  And it looks like it is going to hold long enough to signal an entry next week. The signal has been right more often than not.  But I am a little nervous this year.  Kind of think of it, I have been nervous since 2015.  Something about market valuations rivaling 1929 and 2000 this year.

If history repeats once again, most of the froth in the markets will be worked off during the unfavorable seasons.  But I am still nervous.  I would not bet the ranch this favorable season.  I am a conservative investor and I do not like to take large losses.  There are too many black swans circling.

I will send out our seasonal signals starting next week to our members.  If you would like to receive them and learn more about those black swans please join us.  Our Fall Summary Report has been posted for members.  Basic membership starts at $85 which includes both timing alerts (via email) and our Summary Reports.

Join us here if you are interested in continuing to follow Sy Harding’s signals or our own seasonal signals for the SP500 index or Small Cap indexes.  

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