Sy Harding’s Seasonal Timing Strategy

Sy Harding PicSy Harding developed the best risk-adjusted investment strategy for index fund investing for small investors.  His newsletter, Street Smart Report, was award winning for providing exceptional timing signals for over 15 years for stocks, bonds, and gold.  Another retiring newsletter writer I subscribed to surveyed the field and recommended him to his clients – I was already a subscriber.

Sy Harding’s strategy advanced the “Sell-in-May” concept- also called the Halloween Indicator. His research led to the conclusion that there are better dates for seasonal timing than simply investing at the turn of month in May and November. He also exploited the fact that the favorable and unfavorable seasons did not start and begin on the same day each year much like the seasons in weather.

When I was researching easy-to-execute strategies that could be applied to retirement fund index investing, his seasonal timing strategy leaped to the front of the line and remained there.

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