Seasonal Buy Signal for the TSP S Fund and Russell 2000 index

The TSP Advantage model has produced a seasonal buy signal for the TSP S Fund on Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013 or to an Russell 2000 index fund on 21 Oct 2013. To align with the Advantage  model’s optimum long term performance, allocate to your desired risk level in the TSP S Fund on 22 Oct, 2013.   Make sure your TSP allocation request is submitted after 2 pm, 21 Oct 2013 (Eastern) and before 2 pm, 22 Oct 2013 (Eastern).

The Advantage model objective is to enter an up-trending market at the beginning of the seasonally strong period in the stock market. Those conditions have been met. It is not the objective of the model to attempt to pick tops or bottoms in the market, but instead to align to a historically verified strategy to obtain the best long term return. Surprisingly, by reducing exposure and risk, the model has historically exceeded the buy and hold strategy in index funds over the long term by a significant amount.

Categories: Seasonal Perspectives